Ne’er cast a cloot till May be oot!

Ne’er cast a cloot till May be oot!

Aye aye quines an’ cheels, wifies an’ mannies.
It’s nae as caal noo. Time fer takkin aff the thermals!

We have a fantastic line up for you this month – all presented by the inimitable Mike Blackburn.

From the club regulars:
Ronan Fitzsimons – Doug Hay – Paul Kersley – Alyson & Neil MacConnachie – Bob Sharp – Debbie Taylor – The Spiers Family

From friends and guests of FATSB:
Sarah Beattie – Iona Fyfe – Eileen Ordish – Paul Radtke – Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer

and two specials!
A collaboration between our own Paul & Debbie Mudie and the voice of Bev Baxter
and A tribute to Jim Reid by the marvellous Scott Gardiner

Friday night live with Folk at the Salmon Bothy
Just like the Real Thing – Virtually!
You can watch on our BothyFolk YouTube channel here
You can watch on FaceBook here
or you can just watch right here on the website

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