F@TSB – Future dates and events

Coming up at Folk at the Salmon Bothy

  • Friday April 16 – Friday Live with F@TSB – MC Debbie Taylor – extended set by Sarah Beattie.
  • Saturday 1st May (tbc) – a very special show by Bob Sharp – Glasgow Clubs and Characters, as remembered by Bob. 
  • Friday 21st May – MC Doug Hay – extended set from Tich Frier.
  • Friday 18th June – a Favourites Show – Regular MCS pick their favourite videos.
  • July and August gatherings to be outdoors. Venue to be confirmed.
  • Sept 1st – AGM. Details to follow. Agenda items to me please.
  • 1/2/3 – October – 11th HAAL – Sponsors still needed please. Times are tough.

Fit’s ‘at? – Hunt ‘e Gowk?

Folk at the Salmon Bothy
~ April Fools Get Together on ZOOM! ~

Sat. 03/04/21 ~ Starts at 7:30pm

We’re Hosting a ZOOM meeting for everyone to drop by and gie us yer ‘Silly Sangs & Daft Ditties’

There will be an opportunity to chat with friends you haven’t seen for a while and maybe we’ll have a few performances thrown in for good measure.

Get in touch with Bob Philips – bobphilips25@live.co.uk and get the Meeting ID & Password

Or If you’ve read this far just click this Zoom link 🙂

Some tips for tonight’s zoom meeting.

  1. As in normal club nights we will be operating a list for performers. Please get in touch with Bob if you want to be on the list – we can also add folk on the night as usual. bobphilips25@live.co.uk
  2. Consider using a PC or laptop for this meeting and use Zoom in Gallery View this should enable you to see most folk at once.
  3. Please keep your microphone on Mute unless you wish to speak. If you are using a PC or Mac you can stay on mute and use the Space Bar to unmute to speak.
  4. If you intend to perform, sing or play please adjust your zoom settings as follows to prevent Zoom clipping your sound. Before you join the meeting
    1. Turn off/disable “Automatically adjust microphone volume” and set your mic to around 80%
    2. Turn on/enable “Show in–meeting option to Enable Original Sound 
  5. When you are in the meeting click “Turn on Original Sound” in the top-left corner (PC/Mac).
  6. For more information on these settings and for other devices see Zoom help files here
  7. The meeting will open 30 mins early for a little testing just for those who want to perform.
  8. Keep background noise to a minimum. Zoom will pick up background voices, TV/radio noises, computer fans etc. and amplify them. Headsets are good.
  9. During any performance everyone will be Muted except the performer. Use the Chat window to communicate with text and also use the Reactions. When the performance ends unmute yourselves to cheer and applaud
  10. If all goes well we will also live stream the meeting to our YouTube Channel. You’ll be able to watch from there if you prefer.

Bothyfolk.org is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: FAtSB April Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 3, 2021 19:30 London
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 893 7831 7297
Passcode: Bothyfolk

Ne’er cast a cloot till May be oot!

Ne’er cast a cloot till May be oot!

Aye aye quines an’ cheels, wifies an’ mannies.
It’s nae as caal noo. Time fer takkin aff the thermals!

We have a fantastic line up for you this month – all presented by the inimitable Mike Blackburn.

From the club regulars:
Ronan Fitzsimons – Doug Hay – Paul Kersley – Alyson & Neil MacConnachie – Bob Sharp – Debbie Taylor – The Spiers Family

From friends and guests of FATSB:
Sarah Beattie – Iona Fyfe – Eileen Ordish – Paul Radtke – Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer

and two specials!
A collaboration between our own Paul & Debbie Mudie and the voice of Bev Baxter
and A tribute to Jim Reid by the marvellous Scott Gardiner

Friday night live with Folk at the Salmon Bothy
Just like the Real Thing – Virtually!
You can watch on our BothyFolk YouTube channel here
You can watch on FaceBook here https://www.facebook.com/bothyfolk/
or you can just watch right here on the website

Doddies Dream

Doddie’s Dream released this weekend

This charity single features an amazing array of talent from the traditional music scene and features the amazing Nicolla Benedetti MBE alongside Julie Fowlis, Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham and an incredible lineup of brilliant musicians 
All the proceeds are going to www.myname5doddie.co.uk in an effort to raise awareness and funds in the battle against Motor Neurone Disease.  
The full video was shot by former rugby partner of Doddie’s, Stewart Campbell from Tigershark TV. 

Why is this connected to MacGregor’s Bar? Well, the tune was composed on Hogmanay in front of the fire in the main bar by Bruce!

Here’s the video
Doddie’s Dream – full video

Preorder link is here for iTunes. It is also available on Amazon Music

Friday 19/02/21 ~ Fa’s got Snowdrops in their Gairden?

~ Fa’s got Snowdrops in their Gairden? ~

Friday 19/02/21 ~ 7:30 pm
Folk at the Salmon Bothy

Mike Blackburn ~ Ronan Fitzsimons ~ Doug Hay ~ Paul Kersley ~ Alyson & Neil MacConnachie ~ Debbie Mudie ~ Bob Sharp ~ Maggie, Emma & Tom Spiers ~ Debbie Taylor
Our Good Friends
Carol Anderson ~ Aileen Carr ~ Sara Grey ~ Dougie MacKenzie & Eileen Ordish
From the Archive
Alec & Madeline – Les & Shiela

Your MC for the Evening ~ Tom Spiers

Friday night live with Folk at the Salmon Bothy
Just like the Real Thing – Virtually!
You can watch on our BothyFolk YouTube channel here
You can watch on FaceBook here https://www.facebook.com/bothyfolk/
or you can just watch right here on the website

Bothy Ballads and Burns

Bothy Ballads and Burns

Saturday 8pm on 6th February 2021 on Zoom
With Tich Frier, Aileen Carr, The Spiers Family
John Dixon, Doug Hay, Bill Gray

Your hosts for the evening – Ron and Anne Gardner  


  • Please be in your seats by 8 PM Sharp
  • Welcome – Ron & Anne Gardner
  • Tune on pipes and piping in of haggis -Ron
  • Address to the Haggis John Dickson
  • Bothy Ballad – Doug Hay,
  • Burns Song – Ron & Anne
  • Immortal Memory – Tich Frier
  • Burns Song – Tich Frier
  • Break for chat
  • Bothy Ballads – Bill Gray
  • Burns Song – Spiers Family
  • Toast to the Lassies – Tich Frier
  • Reply – Aileen Carr
  • Bothy Ballad – John Dickson
  • Burns Song Aileen Carr
  • Closing thanks – Ron and Anne
  • Auld Lang Syne – Tich Frier

ZOOM Meeting – watch live and join in
Folk at the Salmon Bothy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Bothy Ballads and Burns
Time: Feb 6, 2021 19:45 London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 873 7774 7278
Passcode: 346552

On Social Media – watch live or catch up later
You can watch LIVE on our BothyFolk YouTube channel here
or you can watch later right here on the website

Friday Night with Folk at the Salmon Bothy

Friday 22/01/21 ~ 7:30 pm – There’s No ‘Blue Monday’ Here

Mike Blackburn, Ann & Ron Gardner, Paul Kersley, Alyson and Neil MacConnachie, Bob Sharp, Tom Spiers, Fats Vandyke, Les Wheeler, The Spiers Family

Along with our Good Friends
Kenn Clark, Eileen Ordish, Kenny Speirs, Lauren Bews & Ian Grigor

Special Performances from
Fochabers Community Sing

Your MC for the Evening ~ Bob Sharp

Friday night live with Folk at the Salmon Bothy
Just like the Real Thing – Virtually!
You can watch on our BothyFolk YouTube channel here
You can watch on FaceBook here https://www.facebook.com/bothyfolk/
or you can just watch right here on the website

Adult Mandolin Workshop

Adult Mandolin (Zoom) Workshop Saturday 23rd Jan 1pm – 4pm

Scottish Culture & Tradition (SC&T) are delighted to have Laura-Beth Salter as the tutor for our adult mandolin workshop on Saturday the 23rd of January.

Laura-Beth is one of the most sought after and rhythmic mandolin players on the traditional music scene, playing with The Shee, VOX, Jenn & Laura-Beth, Kinnaris Quintet, The Daddy Naggins & From the Ground. Laura-Beth is also a fantastic tutor and runs the Glasgow Mandolin Band as well as being involved in youth and adult teaching projects such as The Glasgow School of Folk, The Glasgow Folk Music Workshop, Fèis Gleann Albainn & Tutor with the National Youth Folk Ensemble to name a few as well as being nominated for Music Tutor of the Year at the recent MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards.

 You can find out more about Laura-Beth’s Music and projects on her website: https://laurabethsalter.com/

You can secure your place on the workshop here: https://scatyouth.thinkific.com/courses/mandolin-workshop-with-laura-beth-salter or via the SC&T website https://www.scottishculture.org/.

SC&T Youth Online Classes

Scottish Culture & Tradition is an educational charity based in Aberdeen. We deliver professional tuition in a range of traditional instruments and in traditional song and dance.

Our youth section, SC&T Youth, are running a fantastic opportunity for ANY young person aged between 6-26 with an interest in Scottish Traditional Music. We offer high quality tuition in a choice of 2 melody classes, (beginner/intermediate or advanced), guitar, voice, pipes/chanter and percussion! All abilities are welcome though a little basic experience of your instrument is recommended.
SC&T Youth Online Classes are held on zoom between 7pm-8:15pm (8:15pm – 9:15pm for advanced melody) on Tuesday evenings. We include 15 minutes of social time for all participants with fun challenges, games and a chance to meet other young people interested in music.The cost for all 10 classes is an amazing £10 in total. Head to www.scottishculture.org/youth for more information and sign up to SC&T Youth Online Classes.

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