Friday 19/02/21 ~ Fa’s got Snowdrops in their Gairden?

~ Fa’s got Snowdrops in their Gairden? ~

Friday 19/02/21 ~ 7:30 pm
Folk at the Salmon Bothy

Mike Blackburn ~ Ronan Fitzsimons ~ Doug Hay ~ Paul Kersley ~ Alyson & Neil MacConnachie ~ Debbie Mudie ~ Bob Sharp ~ Maggie, Emma & Tom Spiers ~ Debbie Taylor
Our Good Friends
Carol Anderson ~ Aileen Carr ~ Sara Grey ~ Dougie MacKenzie & Eileen Ordish
From the Archive
Alec & Madeline – Les & Shiela

Your MC for the Evening ~ Tom Spiers

Friday night live with Folk at the Salmon Bothy
Just like the Real Thing – Virtually!
You can watch on our BothyFolk YouTube channel here
You can watch on FaceBook here
or you can just watch right here on the website

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